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Why is SEM Important? 

SEM or Search Engine Marketing is the method commonly called pay-per-click which can generate income online. A good example of this is Google AdWords wherein advertisements appear on a webpage either on top, the bottom or the sides of the page in Google searches, similar to what other search engine sites are also utilizing. This practice is the direct money-making portion of the search engine marketing.   When it comes to SEM, the relevance of the ads to where they are placed is a key factor. For example, it’s not advised to put ads about relationship and romance if you’re running a site all about tech and gadgets. There’s no connection. However, if you’re running a site on tech and gadgets, placing ads where users can buy gadgets and redirect them to those particular sites is a better move. If relevant ads are used, users will not think of the ads as scams or just ways to attract people but relevant information that they can utilize.  

What Makes SEM Useful?

  • It leads to better traffic on your site
  • You can exercise better control on your budget
  • Create high quality content that’s relevant to your site
  • Utilize keywords regardless of your budget
  • Better placement in search results quickly
  • A faster way to earn where you can have a quick ROI
  • You’re able to track where your progress
  • Promote the totality of your business better – not just your main products or services
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