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The Starter range is ideal for those who want to keep costs to a minimum. $99 gets you a 1 page website. Just add $25 per extra page.

The Pro range is for those who want to go into a bit more detail about the products or services they offer. $199 gets you a 5 page website.

The Advanced package is for those with plenty to say. $399 gets you an unlimited page website. Ideal for those who want a fixed cost.

What is web design?  

Why is Web Design Important?
Searching through the several webpages all over the Internet, you may start to wonder. How can certain websites attract people to visit their site while other websites dwindle in the amount of traffic that they get? There’s a specific way on how to generate good traffic for your website and web design plays a very important role in attracting visitors to your site.

How a webpage is built is a deciding factor on user traffic. When a webpage proves to be too difficult to read through because of its layout, more people will choose to leave the site instead. Usually, most people prefer a site that suits easy readability by following a letter “F” direction in reading through a site. Some people also prefer reading in a zigzag format. However, if your site is built with a messy layout, users won’t bother reading through the content.

Color is also important in increasing the number of users visiting your site. Websites that use darker colors tend to have more visitors. This is because darker colors like purple, green, black, grey and blue don’t strain the eyes extensively. Bright colors like red, yellow and orange prove to be straining and also increases the difficulty in reading through the site’s content.

Loading Time
Probably placing a big impact on user traffic, loading time is very important when it comes to your web design. Users prefer sites that load quickly, usually within 2-3 seconds. Websites that load slowly test the patience of users and also quite bothersome for those with slower connection speed.

Trust and Confidence
Website design is also important in terms of building trust and confidence of users to your site. There are many malicious sites in the Internet and most of them usually have faulty web designs that shoot down the trust of users. It isn’t advised to use pre-made web designs but you can use it as a guide or apply your own design on top of it.
We offer innovative web designs that are beautiful, user-friendly and give your site more traffic than what you could imagine!

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